Olof Palme was Sweden’s Prime Minister from 1969–1976 and 1982–1986. Olof was a controversial politician who dominated Swedish politics for a long time. In 1986, Olof Palme was shot dead on an open street in Stockholm. The assassination has been an unsolved mystery that has plagued Sweden ever since.


At a press conference in June 2020, the Police’s Palme investigation pointed out Stig Engström as Olof Palme’s killer. The Palme investigation is the world’s largest murder investigation in the history.


This film shows what happened on the day Olof Palme was murdered and how the killer planned and carried out the assassination.


Trailer in English:


The film has won awards at film festivals in Sweden and around the world, see list above. The film is available with a Swedish or English voice and subtitles.